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question of the day: one word that describes me

question of the day:
What is one word that describes you?

so I’m sitting in my chair looking at my family as i read this question , “what is one word you would use to describe yourself?” so i posed the question to my wife who is sitting across the room eating. I even tell her to really take the question serious and so she thinks on it for a brief moment…… and replies “humble”. I’m not going to lie it shocked me , of all the answers from blunt to impulsive she says “humble”. an i don’t mean that in the sense that i think she is wrong , i just mean it as i never saw myself as being describe as such. i go through life like a lot of people “stubborn as a bull”. but i guess in a sense she is is right though, cause from my four year old daughter to the adult who i thought said something rude i always know how to admit my wrong doings… in a sense. so in a sense i defiantly know where she is coming from but i surely would have said arrogant before anything. in this life though the words you use to describe yourself or someone else mean a lot. especially when it comes from a loved one……

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